ITB Takes A Moment To Remember Willie Galimore & Bo Farrington

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    For those far too young to remember him Willie Galimore was the predecessor to Gale Sayers and in many ways just as effective as an open field runner and receiver. He had an exceptional run as the Bears HB in the late '50s and early 60's averaging 4.5 ypc and scoring 36 TDs in his short career. Bo Farrington was the Alshon Jeffery of the early '60s Bears teams. At 6'3 and 217lbs he was a huge WR for that era when even Ditka was just 6'2" and 225lbs.

    In those days the Bears held camp at St. Joseph College in Rennselaer, Indiana and so it was in 1964. While returning to the dorms one night after dark Galimore's car missed a sharp curve in the road, went off into a ditch, and the car rolled over killing both Willie and Bo Farrington. The Bears who had won the 1963 NFL Title never recovered from that blow and finished 5-9 in 1964. In fact this event seemed to be a forecast of doom because the Bears never won another championship until the 1986 Super Bowl.

    Sorry we can't post the actual media here but this is worth watching both for those who recall it and those too young to remember but interested in some of the Bears ancient history from the '6os in the days before Butkus and Sayers.
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    I was just a little kid in the late 1950s (born in 1946), but my dad raised me well. I remember those guys. It's a shame what happened to Galimore and Farrington. I was also really sad when Sayers broke his knee. I always watched the games with my dad, but it wasn't til the 1963 team that I became an avid Bears fan.

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