Its like you have this much back but you dont have that much back...

Discussion in 'Chicago Bears' started by Original Jackiejokeman, Aug 16, 2013.

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    Anyways we are getting closer ... and I tell you Gentlemen this will be a success.

    The orginal names of the original people WILL be accomplished.

    IIIIIts just a matter of time ... the ability to not post a capital I at the beginning of a sentance is going to be solved.

    These are just minor things ... it will all be taken care of.


    We did it to San Diego ... ahemmmm ...

    OBIE : "These arent the droids youre looking for ...

    they can go on ... on there way."'

    STORMTROOPER : "OK ...move along ... move along !"

    LUKE : "Wow how did you do that ??"

    OBIE : "DAA BEARRSSE have a force over the weak minded ."

    LUKE : "Can we get any advertising revenue out of this ?"

    OBIE : "With a 15% markup on the back end it can get us to Alderron.

    CHEWBACCA : Arrrruhhh (Sounds bitchin !)
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