Jay Cutler restructured contract so Chicago Bears could land Jared Allen

Discussion in 'Chicago Bears' started by JustAnotherBearsFan99, Mar 28, 2014.

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    Do you think Jay had a role in this, or did the Bears just do it without any input from Cutler, because they had previously set up his contract this way?

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    It's how the contractis set up, Cutler still gets all his money regardless, I don't see why they would have had to consult him.
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    no, he wasnt in really, maybe he knew thats it, they structured that contract so they can do it regardless
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    I would think that out of respect they told him what their plans where and why but according to what I've read before they didn't need his permission to do it. The clause that allowed it was built into the deal to begin with as it was in Slauson's and Jennings contracts as well and possibly Robbie Gould's.

    Jay isn't taking less money this is just converting already guaranteed money from his salary to a signing bonus that can be spread cap wise over 5 years period of time. I love Jay Cutler but this isn't any kind of heroic act on his part to allow the team to land Allen. He already agreed to it when he signed the new contract.

    The bigger surprise is how the rest of the NFL media never saw this coming and yet we've talked about the possibility ever since FA began and how if Pep was released Allen was a potential replacement. Even Emery expressed an interest in him if the price was right and when it finally became right he moved in and scored.

    I guess we pay more attention to what goes on within that organization than the NFL media does in general and I see that as a good thing. The knowledge and awareness of the Bears needs as a team and the philosophy of Phil Emery as a GM is understood far better around here than it is around the rest of the league.

    Apparently he really shocked some people with this move including Seattle and the Seahawk media followers who believed they had a done deal with Allen. I'd say that I was pleasantly surprised but not shocked by the signing. Especially when I see that what Allen is guaranteed for two years is little more than Pep was due to make this year alone.
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