Josh Gordon asks Browns for permission to go to CFL

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    Receiver Josh Gordon is suspended from the NFL. But that doesn’t necessarily mean he won’t be playing football this year.
    Per a league source, Gordon has asked the Browns for permission to play in the CFL for the balance of the Canadian league’s season. Permission is required because Gordon remains under contract with the Browns.
    Here’s the relevant language, from paragraph 3 of the NFL Player Contract: “Without prior written consent of the Club, Player will not play football or engage in activities related to football otherwise than for Club or engage in any activity other than football which may involve a significant risk of personal injury.”
    In 2007, the Titans actually sued cornerback Pacman Jones, who wanted to do a little pro wrestling during his one-year suspension. Jones ultimately agreed to not actually do anything that could risk injury.

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    From the team's point of view, it would help him stay sharp and give him something to do besides smoke weed. On the other hand, he could go to Canada and get injured.

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