Ka'Deem Carey Says Look at All The Numbers, Not Just One............

Discussion in 'Chicago Bears' started by soulman, May 24, 2014.

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    Nice analysis Chi and Jimmors hit's the nail on the head too. As a RB the two most important things you need to succeed in the NFL are quickness/acceleration and great vision. See the hole, be the hole. LOL

    I was watching Lynch's Combine video and he appears to have the style and instincts of a RB. He's not as flat out fast as he is quick and decisive. He doesn't waste time or motion he knows where the daylight is and how to get there. He's really more of an old school throwback kind of guy like a Paul Hornung who was also a college QB.

    It may take him a bit to make a complete transition so in order to make the team he's gonna have to do it as a STeam coverage guy and blocker first. But I think he's good enough football player that he'll be able to get that done. FWIW I'd like to see us keep him around for at least as year or two to see what he can become.
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    Yeah, RB's not named Adrian Peterson rarely run more than 20 yards at a time. I think its way more important to have quick burst acceleration, as well as overall agility to make defenders missed and/or a lot of power to punch through the line.

    Whereas WR/CB, you damned well better have a good 40 time, since that is all you do....run deep, and catch the ball, and run some more.
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    Thanks for mentioning my name in this post. I completely agree with everything you've said. But although his 40 time and off-field issues (that Carey has addressed and is currently working on to fix) are what dropped his draft stock... Carey is still one of, if not, the best running back in this year's draft class if you were to watch his film rather than judge him based on his combine numbers.

    I've recently graduated from University of Arizona and yes maybe I am a little bit of a homer, but unlike most of the people on this forum, I've actually seen this kid play almost every game here. With U of A's mediocre QBs, the offenses were molded around Carey ever since he came in as a Freshman. He has great hands, he's quick with great vision, and does not go down easily!!! He will be a great asset spelling Forte under Trestman's system. The kid dominated at the collegiate level, but we still have yet to see him run a down in the NFL. So Bears fans give this kid a chance and mark my words he will be the steal of this year's draft. Bear Down!
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    I can't wait to see him in a game. I only care about his performance, how he helps the bears, and not how fast he can run.
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