Kromer on the offense's progression

Discussion in 'Chicago Bears' started by The Newsman, May 17, 2014.

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    Offensive coordinator Aaron Kromer addresses the media from Halas Hall Saturday to discuss the evolution of the Bears offense in his second year.

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    The best thing I heard was how Kyle Long is progressing and how much better he is at understanding the schemes now then he was a year ago. This is a guy who made the Pro Bowl as a rookie so by the time his third year roles around he gonna be scary good.

    If the gambles we took on a few other guys like Mills, Ferguson and Sutton turn out this well we'll be in very good shape on both lines. Does anyone else come away with the same impression I do? The offensive guys have a good handle on where they are and what more they need to do and on the other side of the ball I just get the impression that Tucker is winging it until he figures out how it all fits together.

    Maybe it's all there in his head but he sure has a hard time putting it into words.

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