Ladies & Gentlemen ,Your CHICAGO ... Is this TEAM ready to HUMBUG & BOOGIE ?

Discussion in 'Chicago Bears' started by jackiejokeman, Sep 2, 2014.

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    Now lets be real ... we just cut our starting L.S.

    Now wait a goddamn second here BEARS fans ... what the hell are we talking about here ?

    We are going into the SEASON without a tried and true L.S.??

    That this is all up in the air ? Sombody hasnt been doing their job ... and should be SHOT!

    Just on general principles. And look who has been pulled in to play L.S. ...

    JJ ... Soul ... J99 ... Ric ... BSbears ... Msbears ... etc.

    I dont think any of us can handle this on such short notice.

    In other words ... the L.S. position should have been a no brainer WEEK ONE in training camp.

    Any competent SPECIAL TEAMS coach would have figured this out DAY ONE !

    Soul, your ass is first up in the meatgrinder ... Good Luck !

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