Lamarr Houston is impressed with the work ethic he sees on defense.

Discussion in 'Chicago Bears' started by Chicago_66, Jun 3, 2014.

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    So far so good, I like they got a little fight in them as well. Sounds like they all like the new coach, Paul Pasquerelli, and per Peae learning techniques. The other part I liked to hear was they are understanding how they fit the bigger picture. Not only are they learning there roles but why they are doing this or that and how if effects the LB's or the guy next to them.

    Houston sounds like he is on board and willing to move inside as required and sounds genuinely appreciative and respectful for Jared Allan. Reading between the lines it sounds like Allan is teaching assisting in the tutoring of the other DE's anyway. Hopefully this will aid them all including C Wash and Bass. Ratliff out today for some reason but I suspect he will take the DT's under his tutelage and with Line coach Paul P it sounds like good things are happening, atleast as good as OTA's allow with no contact.

    Hopefully in the future we can hear more on the progress of the LB's, S, and TE's. We have heard some on the LB's but not from the players and their interaction with the new LB coach. Different article but Shea McC played MLB (2nd string) and Bostic played WLB and SLB, primarily SLB but got some time in at WLB with Briggs sitting out. Greene got the remaining reps. Thats the wrap on LB's but not real insight as to learning new techniques / reads/ methods to get as excited as the DL coverage.

    Hearing some on the WR's but outside of the TE (Bennett) skirmish pretty quiet on that front as well. No updates on any of the QB's including Palmer, Fales or JJ. Dead silence on how the line is handling the new DL and all the things being said. The draft picks are getting little or no print and Onobun and other TE's do not seem to exist. Like I said hopefully more news on some of them is forthcoming.
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