Last Night's Game: Things to like/things to loathe

Discussion in 'Chicago Bears' started by BradMustersGhost, Aug 24, 2013.

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    okay, so maybe "loathe" is a pretty strong word, but here are my positives and negatives from last night's game.


    1-Alshon Jeffery is THE MAN.

    2-Our OL is set. Kyle Long is flat out NASTY (LOVED the way he stuck his nose in the middle of that first quarter scrum). Dude is already a leader whom Cutler and his teammates trust. Aside from the false start, Mills looked solid yet again. We might finally have a good OL this year.

    3-Forte definitely looks more alive than he has the previous 2 seasons. You can tell he has bought whole hog into Trestman's offense. I think we all expect a pretty big year from Matt.

    4-Cutler had an outstanding game. Was accurate, got rid of the ball quickly, spread the ball around and DIDN'T force any bad passes. Kudos to him for tossing it away when he had nothing. Call me crazy, but I actually felt like giving him a high give when he just threw the ball out of bounds instead of trying to force something to a blanketed Marshall.

    5-Aaron Kromer. I just like this guy.

    6-Bostic seems to be the real deal. Love his speed, agility and aggressiveness.


    1-Well, it was the Raiders and they are obviously going to SUCK this season , so who knows if our offense is REALLY as good as it looked going up against a non-existent Oakland pass rush.

    2-Bennett's drops. I was REALLY hoping that his drops came on bad passes from Cutler, but when I watched the game today (I had to DVR it last night), I realized that Martellus dropped a couple of gimme's. I realize that it is only one game, but he did have issues catching the football when he was with Dallas. I really hope those issues don't crop back up this season.

    3-Non-existent McClellin. After reading the box score last night, I had to wonder if Shea even played. I didn't see his name listed among the Bears' contributing (from a statistical perspective) defensive players. 0 tackles, 0 qb hits/pressures, etc. against an debilitated Oakland OL. I am beginning to fear that Emery whiffed on this particular pick.
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    Long and Mills are impressing, but you still have to remember that they are rookies (especially Long) with no experience against the best NFL Defenses, playing in a vanilla Pre-season game.

    Granted, they are better then Webb, but we wont know how they handle a REAL defense until we see them play in the regular season.
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    I'd call myself "cautiously realistic but also very encouraged" about the OL. It's a far cry from the last 2 Augusts when we all knew they sucked and were left hoping for pixie dust to magically fall.
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    I like watching the OL in the preseason, because it is more man-on-man, regardless of what the game planning is. Long has dominated everyone in front of him, and Mills has shown good feet and strength at the point of engagement, and when he gets his hands on the defender, he controls very well. Garza is really the weak point on the line now, but he knows the line calls well, and has great rapport with Jay. I suspect we will draft his replacement in the next draft.
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    Nobody is talking about how freakin' awesome #55 has been playing- at least that I've heard or seen. Maybe we just expect that level from the man Briggs. But either way, he was flying around last night, and looks he's ready to kill it in the reg. season.
    Jay may finally have some protection, his play is night and day better w/o having to worry about getting killed from the blind side. Hopefully that can last beyond the games that do not matter.
    On a side note, it has been equally amusing to watch princess Brady up in NE running for his life, w/o all the weapons he is accustomed to having, and they/he looks terrible. I'm sure they will get it sorted, but in the mean time, I am enjoying it.
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    I am glad you DVR the game now go back in game when a big run occurred for Oakland that was called back by a illegal formation. The tackle was off the line of scrimmage in order to keep up with his block to compensate for Shea's speed off the line. Second they attempted a screen but Shea sniffed it out and back off the rush and covered the running back that was going to the intended receiver another person got the hurry stat. These are stats that don't show up on the stat sheet but his work still payed off. Start looking at all the evidence based things that are occurring then make your judgement, stats are only a part of the story when talking about everyones specific job. Your job as a player in certain plays may not be glamorous but it is essential for someone to do something great. I agree Shea still needs a lot of work and is not very stout is his worth a 1st round pick has yet to be decided. But it's getting to the point Shea is getting the Jay treatment from people without looking at the complete body of work.
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    I gotta applaud this entire post DTB. In many instances you can't just look at a stat sheet to judge how well or poorly a player played. The frequency that others make a play that's forced by McClellin won't be there nor will that penalty that was called on Oakland simply because a lineman failed to lineup correctly because of the threat he faced from him. Lord knows Webb sure as well incurred enough of those having to deal with a guy like Clay Matthews who McClellin is very much like.

    But if we wander over to the stats and the stats alone here's what we get;

    Wootton: Tackles = 3 / Assists = 0 / Sacks = 1 / FF = 0
    McClellin: Tackles = 4 / Assists = 0 / Sacks = 1 / FF = 1

    FWIW McClellin is stacking up against Wootton very well and that sack and forced fumble resulted in point scored by the offense. That's not something we as fans see stat wise but the coaching staff keeps track of stuff like that. In that game at that time it was a big play.

    In the kindest way possible I've just gotta say that people need to stop expecting Shea McClellin to be something he's not. He's too light to be used as an every down DE for 80%-90% of the teams defensive plays so you don't do that. You move him around and make weapon out of him like the Packers do with Matthews and he's capable of being every bit that good if used correctly. The only difference is we play a 4-3 so we line him up and a three point stance on some plays and a two point on others whereas Matthews is always playing from a two point stance in a 3-4. But they're vey similar players.

    McClellin has been playing more with his hand in the dirt in the preseason just to get him more reps while we rest Pep and it's paying off. His attempt to gain weight didn't work so he's still playing under 250lbs but he making some impact plays and he's playing the run effectively as well as his stats would suggest. The only DL with better stats is Collins whose having a hell of a good preseason and with Melton still out he's been a real positive.

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