Looks like Richard Sherman got what was coming to him earlier this season

Discussion in 'NFL Forum' started by Jimmors, Jan 20, 2014.

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    I just ask myself "WWPD...what would Payton do?" Would he act like that and say that stuff? Nope. So I wouldnt want a player on the Bears to do so either. Maybe its preferring "old school" type of players...those who can be punishers on the field, but class acts off of it. This is why we love P-nut and Forte, but also why Bears fans give Jay shit for being whiny, or when Briggs crashed his Lambo. I just think deep down, most Bears fans want their players to live up to the Payton/Butkus mold. Urlacher used to be a fan favorite because of this, until he ran his mouth after he retired, and most of us lost respect for him because of it.

    Is it BAD to talk shit if you can back it up? Not really. But then again, we don't have to approve of people like that who do such things. Would love to have a player of his caliber on our team, but we could do without the attitude.
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    No he cannot. Just because you're the best at something doesn't mean you have to act like an arrogant, classless and immature piece of crap. You're an adult and a role model for parts of the younger generation. Start acting like one.

    I don't remember Joe Montana, Jerry Rice or Walter Payton (just to name a few) talking that much trash.

    I respect him as a player and I believe he's become the best cornerback in the league. Wish the Bears had a player like him. However that doesn't mean I like and respect the things he does after the final whistle.
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    THIS. However, if Pete Carroll were our coach, I'd take a sojourn over to Jets land full time.

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