Mark Green enjoying second career

Discussion in 'Chicago Bears' started by The Newsman, Jun 29, 2014.

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    Former Bears running back Mark Green is enjoying a successful second career as the director of diversity and Inclusion at AbbVie.

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    Glad to hear his second career is a bit more successful than his first. Maybe he should have tried to emulate himself more than he did Walter. Every once in a while he'd show a glimmer of promise as a back but he just never had the whole nine yards needed to be a good one. That was a shame because as I recall I was always pulling for him to cut it as a top back.

    Something in the article caught my attention though. Mark Green played in the days when top RBs were still a highly valued commodity and the best were typically high 1st round picks. Even the second tier guys rarely dropped below the late first round or the second. Green was a 5th round pick which would place him no higher than a third tier back coming out of ND after a fairly productive college career.

    He's actually kind of fortunate he played in that era and had the opportunity to spend a few years in the NFL and make the contacts he has. I'm sure it's helped his business career. In today's game it's pretty likely that he'd have been an UDFA and may never even have gotten the chance to play pro ball. Such is the value of a lower tier college RB these days. In the '80s Ka'Deem Carey probably has a 1st round ranking but today he's a 4th round pick fighting for a backup spot instead of a sure starter.

    The game sure has changed a lot over the past ten or fifteen years.

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