Marshall admits hip still not 100 percent

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    Brandon Marshall admits his hip still not 100 percent

    Brandon Marshall is likely to be on the field when the Chicago Bears open their season Sept. 8. That doesn't mean he'll be in peak physical condition.
    The star wide receiver conceded to reporters Tuesday he's not as far along as he'd like to be physically, now seven months removed from hip surgery.

    "It's one of those things where I'm just trying to get healthy for Week 1," Marshall said, according to the Chicago Sun-Times. "So you've got to have a game plan coming off surgery, a third hip surgery.
    "It's one of those things where you may be rushed a little bit and some people might think I need to be farther on than where I am," he added. "So it's a little frustrating not being where I want to be right now and maybe being pushed a little."
    Marshall seemed to be hinting at some discontent with what's been asked of him during training camp. Bears coach Marc Trestman said Marshall has had days that "haven't gone so well" with the hip.
    "I know this: Brandon is working his tail off to try to get himself ready," Trestman said. "He feels a sense of urgency because the season is (11) days away, and he's a highly competitive man."
    This isn't exactly what a Bears fan wants to hear less than two weeks before the opener, but facts carry the day here. Marshall has been a practice regular. He's played in two preseason games. The wide receiver might not be back to 100 percent, but he's been healthy enough to stay involved.

    That's a good sign.

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    This is his 3rd hip surgery. Hip surgery is a "big deal" and I have to wonder about his longevity moving forward from this 3rd surgery. I've said this in other threads, that I love how gutsy Brandon Marshall is. We all see how he tries to get every inch of yardage after his catches. He fights and takes a lot of brutal hits this way. Defenders just unload on him to make the tackle.

    But this must be taking a toll on his body, bigtime.

    This is one reason why I hope we keep as many of the promising youngsters at WR this year. Wilson is a big tall WR with speed. I hope we don't cut him. And the 6'5" Terrence Tolliver would be a good guy to put on the practice squad.

    B.Marsh is young "age wise" but his body is older than his age. He's taken a lot of punishment over the years due to his style of play, and the level of attention he receives from defenders (double and triple teams & big hits on him).
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    Didn't he say a few weeks ago that he felt great? I hope it's nothing serious and it is an over exaggeration on his part.

    Someone on the radio this morning brought up an idea though. Could he be having a moment with his bipolar situation and reacting to a very poor performance?

    Whatever the case, I hope it passes quickly. We need him. However, his physical and mental well being is far more important.
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