Marshall: NFL needs to take action on Meriweather

Discussion in 'Chicago Bears' started by Henry Burris, Oct 20, 2013.

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    The fines need to double each time he repeats these cheap shots on defenseless players to a point where he will have to pay the league to play in games. In hockey they are fining repeat offenders and suspending them more without pay for cheap shots. See Raffi Torres for an example. Matt Cooke was a head hunter until he received enough suspensions without pay to change his game around. Sometimes the fine needs to be large enough to make a dirty player wake up.
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    I'm on the fence about all this stuff i do agree the game is becoming less enjoyable,here is just one point a QB gets touched and its 1st down when it would of been 4th and it hurts the team that much it almost decides some games.I don't think they should be trying to change the players mentality of the way they play as much as they should be giving them better equipment.Look at NASCAR people were getting real scared to race with rookies who would wreck them and restriction plates and all that talk,but it went away after they gave them safer cars and a Hans device so they didn't break there necks in a collision .You don't here them talking about that stuff anymore but the fan safety is another thing now have you guys seen some of them cars flying into the fences wow there not gonna change the way people view the races there gonna give them better fences and more secure feeling to watch.Anyway give them better equipment i don't think the NFL is on the right path with all the fines and flags and rules its the equipment.

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