Martellus Bennett and then what for the Bears?

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    Martellus Bennett and then what for the Bears?
    By Ross Read
    July 17, 2014 9:51 am CDT
    Martellus Bennett is a very good tight end. There’s no doubt he’s an upgrade over Kellen Davis and the past mediocre options the Bears have trotted out there. Bennett gives the team skill and stability but what’s after him is little to be desiered.

    Zach Miller
    There are two tight ends named Zach Miller in the NFL. One has over 300 career receptions and a Pro Bowl honor and the other plays for the Bears. The Miller the Bears have had back to back seasons of at least 20 receptions when he first came into the league back in 2009 but has managed to catch only four passes since. He’s still likely the team’s second tight end.

    Dante Rosario
    Rosario certainly knows the offense after spending a season with the Bears last year but he had only one catch in 2013. He will fight for a roster spot but very well could be beaten out buy a more athletic player.

    Matthew Mulligan
    Mulligan is the most intriguing option. He’s spent some time with the Patriots, Rams and Jets. He has lined up in the slot and has been a very solid blocking tight end. His athleticism and versatility could be a help on special teams and might just knock Rosario off the final roster.

    Jeron Mastrud
    Mastrud is a long shot to make this team. He has made a career of bouncing around from camp to camp trying to find a spot on a roster. He was once a key target of Josh Freeman back in their Kansas St. days but has since struggled to stay with a team.
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    Mediocre? When did Davis rise to mediocre?
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    None of the guys mentionend in the article are worth keeping on a 53-man roster. Since next year's TE draft class seems to be weak, we should make a hard push to sign FA Jordan Cameron. He's going to cost a lot because Cleveland probably will do whatever it takes to ink him longterm but he could be another huge weapon for Cutler and another great addition to our receiving corps.
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    Geez won't training camp ever open so we can get a few of these matters settled. I really don't think it's as bad as a lot of the media wants to make it out to be. It's not like we have zero in the way of an experienced backup TE.

    Dante Rosario - We thought enough of him to actually trade a 7th round pick for him and that's actually high value for a 242lb backup TE. The guy is a very good STeams player, he's a proven blocker as an HBack type TE and he has 100 catches in his career averaging a little over 11 ypc. He's not exactly chopped liver because we resigned him for another year so they must like him. The fact that we only threw to him once or twice last year isn't his fault because the guy can obviously catch a football. He may not be an all star but he's at least serviceable.

    Matthew Mulligan - This kid can block and while he's never been much of a receiver in his career he's played in 65 NFL games and started 24 so he knows the ropes. He's also surprised the coaches with better athletic ability than his size would indicate and the fact that he hasn't caught many passes doesn't mean he can't. He's also a good STeams guy and that's what keeps most backup TEs on a roster once the season starts.

    I really don't agree with Ross Read's contention that Zach Miller will be the backup TE. My money is on both Rosario and Mulligan to make the final 53 man roster. No one is expecting these guys to even play all that much so I'm not gonna fret about it.

    Oh, and kudos to RochBears for calling out the author for saying Kellen Davis was mediocre. Coming up with m.e.d.i.o.c.r.e as a spelling for "positively shitty" took some doing on Ross Read's part. Damn B/R guys! LOL
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