Matt Forte as a RB and his Value to the Bears...........

Discussion in 'Front Page News' started by soulman, Jun 29, 2014.

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    Excellent write-up Soul. Personally, I can't find much to disagree with you about. SO much for spawning debate.
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  2. weneedmorelinemen

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    Jul 30, 2013
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    Ric, all I did was offer a one sentence response to your idea that Benson was the fifth best RB since the 80's in Bears history because, c'mon man, that's stupid. The Bears have had some bad running backs since that time, but Benson is just another bad one on the list. What a player does in a Bears uniform is all that matters to me. What Benson did as a Bengal does not mean anything except to a Benson or Bengal fan.

    Here's the top twenty five Bears rushing leaders. TJ is #6. Anthony Thomas is #7. Cedric Benson does not deserve to smell their shit based on his meager production and ineffectiveness as a Bears starter. The only way he got touchdowns was as a vulture back for TJ.

    Anthony Thomas was a good productive running back for the Bears in the time frame you specified. To say he was not is ignorant. I offered Enis just as an example of poor performance due to serious injury and a little to rile you up.

    PlayerSeasons# YrsAttYdsAvgLgTD
    Walter Payton1975-1987133,83816,7264.3676110
    Matt Forte2008-201361,5516,6664.3068t35
    Neal Anderson1986-199381,5156,1664.0780t51
    Rick Casares1955-1964101,3865,6574.088149
    Gale Sayers1965-197179914,9565.007039
    Thomas Jones2004-200638503,4934.115422
    Anthony Thomas2001-200448583,3323.8867t21
    Roland Harper1975-1978,1980-198277573,0444.023215
    Willie Galimore1957-196376702,9854.4677t26
    Matt Suhey1980-1989108282,9463.563920
    Ronnie Bull1962-197097872,8713.65509
    Bronko Nagurski1930-1937,194396332,7784.391125
    Bobby Douglass1969-197573732,4706.6257t20
    Ray Nolting1936-194385082,2854.503910
    Raymont Harris1994,1996-199735922,2453.7968t15
    George Gulyanics1947-195265092,0814.094619
    Brad Muster1988-199254552,0144.433520
    James Allen1998-200145151,9783.84574
    Gary Famiglietti1938-194585051,9273.823120
    Beattie Feathers1934-193743381,8465.468214
    Bill Osmanski1939-1943,1946-194773681,7534.768620
    George McAfee1940-1941,1945-195083411,6854.947022
    Rashaan Salaam1995-199734701,6823.584213
    Jim Harbaugh1987-199372961,6095.4426t15
    Cedric Benson2005-200734201,5933.7943t10
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    I wasn't surprised by the top-5 all time Bears rushers. But it was interesting that TJ was just behind Gale Sayers (Sayers at #5 and TJ at #6). Pretty decent considering TJ was only here for 3 years. I really enjoyed watching him play.

    I still marvel over Payton's career numbers. 110 touchdowns rushing. Another 15 receiving, and 9 passing TD's. 21,803 all purpose yards not including his passing yardage.
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    It's amazing now, but the game has changed so much, the size and speed of the D is just so much more and it just tears apart RB's now. At 5-10 200 I'm not sure he could have played 12 years and kept his production that high; and it's not a knock, I don't think any of the rb's of that era could have. LT played 10 years, but the last 3 just weren't the same, and he might be the last RB to ever have those kind of carries(3.1K to WP's 3.8). That's a high mileage back. AP is only sitting at 2K carries, and Forte only has 1500. Hope that helps keep it in perspective about the idea that Forte has a ton of miles on him.
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    Then you don't remember Neal Anderson well at all since he played FB to Walter's HB before Walter retired and he blocked very well both ways.

    He also had over 300 receptions for almost 2800 yds and 20 tds in an era when teams ran the ball far more than they do today and RBs were used less as receivers. He was every bit the all around talent that Forte is today but in a very different era.

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