Melton, Bennett practice, could play vs. Bengals

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    By Brad Biggs, Tribune reporter

    3:31 p.m. CDT, September 2, 2013
    Henry Melton and Earl Bennett both practiced Monday at Halas Hall and could be on the field for Sunday’s season opener after each missing nearly a month with a concussion.

    Melton, a Pro Bowl defensive tackle, is a little further along in the process but Bennett said he has been symptom-free for “a couple days now.”

    Melton was injured in the preseason opener Aug. 9 at Carolina when he was blocked by Panthers running back DeAngelo Williams. Bennett suffered a big collision in training camp on Aug. 2 and that followed a concussion he suffered in December that kept him out of two games.

    “Feels good to get out here, run around today and catch some balls, get back in the groove of things,” said Bennett, who indicated he was plagued by headaches and difficulty sleeping as he recovered from the concussion.

    He said the symptoms were “lingering a bit longer than usual, than I expected, but those things, you just have to wait them out and let them clear.”

    “I just wanted to make sure that everything was all right,” Bennett said. “I saw several specialists and they reassured me that everything’s all right, I’ll be fine and ... just get back in the groove of things, get my wind back up, get back in the huddle and get ready to play this week.”

    Bennett indicated he’s in pretty good shape and general manager Phil Emery said last week he would not be surprised if the wide receiver was fully cleared this week, something the Bears are expected to address come Wednesday.

    Bennett said he isn’t fearing another hit to the head that could cause more serious damage to him.

    “I don’t fear nobody, or nothing but God,” he said. “It’s a little bit scary, seeing the past players, and they just had the settlement with some of the ex-players that played. It’s kind of concerning, but at the same time, when I signed up for this game I knew what I was signing up for. The technology nowadays is a lot better than it was back then.

    “Like I said, I was seeing several specialists and they reassured me that it’s fine. It’s ok. It’s not threatening at all. There are little concerns, but as I said, I’m fine. No memory loss or anything like that, everything’s good.”

    Melton, who was a running back at the start of his career at Texas, said the concussion was a first for him. Williams got underneath his pads and hit him in the chin, giving him whiplash. He had a sore neck to go with some headaches. But he feels good about where he is at.

    “They’ve been working me pretty hard all through the weekend, trying to get me back,” Melton said. “I’m feeling good. I went out there and ran a little bit. I’m feeling great.”,0,65495.story
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    Good news. Just hope that Bennett doesn't suffer another one. We all know what happened to HH, don't want to see that happen to him as well.
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    Agreed.......would really like to see him Cutler get something going while the rock is being spread around.
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    Welcome back, Henry! Get some! P.S. Seeing as how I adopted Henry Melton I think that gives me the legal freedom to rename him. From here forth he shall be known as Hank the Tank.
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