Mike Mulligan: Is Josh McCown too popular for the Chicago Bears?

Discussion in 'Chicago Bears' started by JustAnotherBearsFan99, Mar 3, 2014.

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    This was weird. What do you think?

    "This morning Mulligan talked about how popular McCown has become in the city, and how his popularity eclipsed the man the franchise just made the highest paid Bear in history. He said that Emery may want to rid his team of that potential distraction."

  2. VJ18

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    Oct 8, 2013
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    Josh will NOT succeed anywhere else, if he could have it would be have been years ago
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  3. 4dabers

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    Jul 29, 2013
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    I used to like Mulley, and most of the time I still do. He makes sense more often than not, but Mulley is not above stretching things a bit or creating a story where only the slightest thread of evidence exists.

    I often think that the Chicago sports media likes to drive what the fans think. This is another example, claiming that McCown is so popular among the fans, well, what the hell do these sports writers know about what the fans think? I know I'VE never talked to Mulley about it, and if he's suggesting that Bears fans are majority hunny buns that would be calling for McCown if Jay struggles at some point, well, there will be those REGARDLESS of the back-up. If there is a move mid season to pull someone for a back-up, that is OFTEN driven by the media that gets fans worked up about it.

    There may be a grain of truth to what he reports, but ultimately, the Bears want the best back-up they can get for the least they have to spend, period. If they can afford to bring McCown back, they will.

    I also happen to completely agree with Bear Claw. McCown will not have the same success elsewhere. Frankly, I don't think he will have the same success here if he happens to play a stretch against upper tier defenses.
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  4. soulman

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    I think Mulligan needed an angle for a story, this is what he came up with and there is no substance to it at all. :10_2_7[1]:

    McCown is about as humble a guy as you could ask for in someone who came in and did what he did last year. There were no complaints when he took the bench when Cutler returned and to the best of my knowledge there is and never has been any friction between the two. In fact the main reason McCown was signed as the #2 was because Cutler wanted him around and that shows that Cutler is a pretty smart guy and also very secure in his position with the team.

    Bears fans often have "wet dreams" about the latest great performances and forget how many times those great performances have crumbled to dust when that player was asked to do more than was originally expected of him. Let's use Mark Anderson's rookie season as a good example of that. The other reason is the ridiculous un-Godly amount of Cutler haters still out there who would rather see anybody else playing QB for the Bears than Cutler. I swear that if Rex came back and had a three TD game they anoint him as a hero too.

    Sorry but this article is as fucked up as the Cutler hate is.
  5. MPbears68

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