My Dynasty League 2013 Draft Results

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    I took an usual approach on a draft last night, and curious on what some of you might think about it.
    (Skip down to The Fork in the Road if you do not care for the background...)

    The League:
    10 Team, 8 Keeper, 6 pass TD, League with a redraft before week 10.
    Bye weeks do play a more significant role than normal because of the redraft and because the waiver wire system costs $10 to use.
    Playing Positions: QB, RB, RB, WR, WR, TE, (R/W/T), K, D/ST
    Defense is done separately after the draft. (Two rounds, random order.)

    League's Keeper Breakdown:
    16 QBs (Unusually high number IMO, owners like to hoard them and backups have been a popular trade.)
    5 TEs (Sounds about right, one team protected two but because of the oddity of keeper rosters; wasn't really that odd.)
    24 RBs (Lower than I would have thought, scarcity of the position at usable levels and planning for rookies I guess.)
    35 WRs (Seemed high to me because there are so many that have a chance to become a value. I guess we all just placed faith in our guys here.)

    My Keepers: (w/ bye)
    Robert Griffin (5)
    Adrian Peterson (5)
    Doug Martin (5)
    Darren McFadden (7)
    Dez Bryant (11)
    Danny Amendola (10)
    Pierre Garcon (5)
    Alshon Jeffery (8)

    Pre-Draft Strategy:
    Running backs are my teams strength, but there is a bye week issue with Peterson and Martin so I wanted to address it with a rookie to fill in and who carried some upside. I had the 6th pick and there were several RB's I liked here. The next move I wanted to make was to pick up a solid backup QB, was looking at Vick, Cutler, Smith, Palmer types who should be available. Then, I'd fill in the tight end with the best available and complete the draft by taking my shots with players I felt had upside.

    What Actually Happened:
    Eddie Lacey, Montee Ball, Giovani Bernard, even Le'Veon Bell who had bye week 5 (who I was considering against my plan) were gone before the 6th pick. The running backs left that I could have used didn't seem like they had any upside at all. I could NOT get myself to use my first round pick on a decent fill in player, so I went a different direction with the rookies and selected Tavon Austin. During the second round no player really stood out to me, so I went ahead and got my fill in RB with Bernard Pierce. Was nothing sexy about that, and I would have preferred to have gotten a starter like Daryl Richardson but I wasn't seeing a better option (at this point there really wasn't a solution...). As we moved on quarterbacks and tight ends had been getting ignored with a couple exceptions so I followed suit and pushed those moves back and picked up players I was high on. (DeAndre Hopkins, Fred Jackson) and then things start to go differently:

    I've got Michael Vick penciled in and am anxious to call out his name. With three turns to wait Vick gets selected, I'm getting a little nervous now. (still a lot of tight ends left) However, there are always QB's and as I scan my cheat sheet I notice that I'm running out of highlight players also. I find one of the remaining highlighted players I feel good about, and settle down to return my attention to the draft and wait my selection, consoling myself with thoughts that Alex Smith or _________ will be just fine and that the player I am about to select has a chance of being something special. I'm not sure where the picks are at and the draft room is a little rowdy, so I get the attention of the head table and ask who's pick were on to get caught up and my direct response was, "you're up." I'm surprised, I thought I was on deck, but it's ok, I'm ready and call out, "Christine Michaels." The room gets more rowdy, it wasn't my pick! The purpose of discussions had drifted because the person on the clock was buried in his cheat sheets, and to make things worse, said person promptly responded to correct the error by selecting none other than "Christine Michaels"... Ughh, I'll remember that name forever! Suddenly I find myself on the clock and caught unprepared because my guy was off the ADP scale. I go back to Quarterbacks...

    The Fork in the Road:

    Frustrated and getting more frustrated staring down fantasy QB mediocrity in the face. I ignore my highlights, I ignore the ratings (perhaps all common sense) and I do the unexpected and unplanned. I swing fast on a wild pitch... I select of all people Terrelle Pryor! Yup, I took a stance and I wasn't finished either. Next selection was Jared Cook, not because he was the best tight end left but because he was the best tight end available with a week 10 or later bye week so that I could clear my bench for EJ Manuel, followed up with Geno Smith. I went all in. Even in a league where people hoard quarterbacks no team is that crazy, in fact, there is only one other team with three. My team is carrying four!

    Anyways, besides the usual affirmation seeking draft result thread. I thought for good or bad, it was an interesting draft result and wanted to share with the board.

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