NFL Quarterback Rumors: Cutler, Schaub, Bradford, Vick & Weeden On 2014 QB Carousel

Discussion in 'Chicago Bears' started by JustAnotherBearsFan99, Nov 12, 2013.

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    I think they'll get Cutler cheaper than what people think. Why I say that is I don't think anyone would pay Cutler franchise money because of his past and all his issues. If someone thinks they are going to start him in another system under another coach with all the fun bange he brings you better have the right staff in place and players.(good luck) If I'm the Bears I don't franchise him lets see what the market bares because of a number of factors #1 Bmarsh isn't going no where and #2 this team was built for Jay. Cutler is the one in the proverbial corner not the Bears. The Bears can go in so many directions with this new coach it's not even funny, Emery is the one in the catbird seat Jay's in the hot seat. That's why he came back so fast from the high high ankle sprain he knows how important Josh's performance in Trestman's system can affect his long term cash rate. Emery is sitting there saying "show me the the play Jay!! This team was made for you or for______."
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    Which is why it is looking more and more likely that they will FT Cutler. That way, its only a 1 year deal, and Cutler will have the end of this season plus next season to prove to us (and the Bears FO) that he is WORTH a huge contract. If he can't, then the Bears will go in a different direction in 2015, and draft a QB then (or sign one in FA if we happen to get lucky somehow).
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    I agree, but based off of Cutler's injury history, and his backup's age, THIS might be the offseason to look for another QB. If they don't, though, I'll just assume there wasn't one they really felt comfortable with.
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    Why is next year lost? I can see "rebuilding" the D next year, but it's not a foregone conclusion that the season will be lost. We already have Greene and Bostic getting valuable experience. Briggs and Collins will be back. Peppers will be gone, Melton's probably gone, and we'll likely have two new safeties and a new corner. If Tillman sticks for a year, and add in another DL or two, we should be well set for next year. Tag Cutler or give him an incentive deal and the offense will be more experienced and better tuned as well. We "rebuilt" our O this year,and they're not doing too bad. I think we have a good shot next year no matter who our QB is. Navy/Orange kool-aid -->> and after next year I think the dynasty starts.
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    Shark 2 issues w/next year:
    1 fixing the D while trying to get 24 players signed/resigned, one of which is a high dollar qb.
    2 The Div is strong/conf

    1st issue: I know no one wants to hear it, but Tillman is not returning next year. His age, his inability to stay healthy and the distinct possibility that the team is not running a cover 2 next year makes him VERY replaceable. I don't like it, but that's the truth, agian he's my favorite player on this team, but much like BU last year he's not coming back.
    Peppers b/c of his level of play and contract size is also not back next year, especially if Cutler is signed or FT'd. Bush is also not likely to be back, but he's easily replaced. That's two players that CANNOT be replaced via the draft.

    Next year the DL/DB's will be fixed via FA while they draft for depth and future starters; that's the misconseption many are thinking. The Bears are not only looking at fixing the DL and DB's, there is a complete lack of depth on the entire team, outside maybe WR and OL. They should be able to resign Melton and Collins and Jennings, and Cutler, but that is 4 out of 24 guys that are out of contract next year, and that's not including letting Peppers and Bush walk. Teams will be lucky to get 3-4 guys out of the draft that will give you meaningfull minutes and also be an impact players, that's around 20 guys they they have to get in that are starting/backup quality via FA...That's going to be tough no matter how you look at it.

    2nd issue: The Div has two teams that are right now farther along in the process of being complete then the Bears are, GB and Det. GB is GB and until they lose Rogers for an entire year and continue to suffer the losses they have this year, they are better w/their starters and better in their depth then the Bears. Det is much closer, but they are still stronger up front on the lines and really the O's are pretty similar, their bigggest issue is their DB's, simply put they are only slightly farther along, but they are in fact farther along. Minny is a qb away from being really dangerous, if AP is sitll AP. The Bears are essentially 3rd in the Div right now if all teams are healthy, and I don't see that changing next year minus a miracle by Emery.

    Now look outside of the Div b/c the Bears are essientially a WC team, they are then fighting w/either GB/Det and then also SF or Sea and if Carolina continues to turn it around you are fighting w/them, and chances are ATL won't be this bad next year also. I also have a hard time beleiving that NY/Dallas/Wash all be this bad again, 2 of those teams will step and up make a better push next year, it's historically a strong div. So the Bears are in at least a 3 team race for the WC next year, possibly 5+. Anything less then a playff is a lost year, imo.

    DL:DR version: if Emery and the team look around the league and see that w/the amount of turn over on the Bears roster(24+ players not returning/not under contract) they will struggle to compete for a WC spot then why pay 18mil to a qb when you have a potential future starter that is way below that cap hit that could be playing instead? It comes down to a business/finance decision.
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    a win now team like houston will over pay cutler and they should

    we should stop the bs and start the rebuild already. Let Trestman pick a qb of his choice and go from there. Cutler injuries and bone head plays arent worth it any longer

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