Peppers in Green Bay may be a blessing

Discussion in 'NFL Forum' started by Ski-Whiz, Aug 3, 2014.

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    They supposedly have him playing a fair amount of outside linebacker to cover TE's.

    I say bring it. I'll take that match up all day long.

    Reading this and seeing what Peppers says between the lines, I'm glad we dropped his ass. Of course he can still produce, but how much how often?

    Also check out the quote saying it's a nice change being surrounded by talent.. lol

    I think we will own him. After all he's still new to the 3-4 defense. It's not all about pass rushing anymore. I've seem him go into the flats before, not very pretty.

    Lastly, it seems like Green Bay doesn't trust him either. Their contract with him is performance based. I honestly see him getting released after next year. I just can't see him being the animal of the past. Not for the money he's making. His cost will out weigh his performance.

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    ßearz ßuckz:

    There it is in a nutshell. Had he stayed he would have had to take a major pay cut and there would have been no more player-friendly practice schedules. I think that was part of the problem last year. Moving to LB will be less physically challenging since he doesn't have to engage a LT on every play and he's betting on the Packers being a better venue for a shot at a ring.

    After that debacle last year I can't say I blame him as far as that last part goes but letting him go saved enough cap space to be able to afford all three DEs we picked up and that's a ton of new talent in exchange for a guy whose was getting far too content to just play out the string. I like Pep and I wish him well but I'm not at all sorry we released him.

  3. Exactly. I don't think he's fast enough to cover a TE. Yeah he's got arm reach, but he doesn't have the speed.

    It's funny how it looks like he took an easy way out. It tells you alot when they have to include a specific practice schedule (make it easier). That right there tells me that he's getting too old and lazy.
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    ßearz ßuckz:
    Does anyone else think it's a bit late in his career to change his spots?

    In my mind though, Peppers was one of the fastest DE's in the NFL and did an above average job in coverage (and was asked to do so more than most DE's).
  5. It's like you said, I think his fastest days are behind him. I just don't see this change as a good thing. I don't see this as a permanent thing. Any good OC will exploit this. Especially if you run a pick type of play, or confuse him.
    He just doesn't have the quickness to stay with a decent TE or WR.

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