PLEASE STICKY Da Bears NFL Pick'em: Rules/Guide-lines/General Info Thread

Discussion in 'Da Bears NFL Pick'em' started by Nakoma1, Sep 5, 2013.

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    Good Morning,
    AND Thank You to Ski and fellow fellow hosts for this brand new sub-forum FOR the NFL Pick'em Threads
    Was there a need for this??? Yes.

    Why ?? you all may wondering ,.... well it's because you're going to picking for something, there will be prizes handed out every quarter thats Every 4 games for those who don't know that ;)
    AND of course a season ending OVERALL WINNER as we know there are many upsets in the league from week to week and well a runner up may have the best over -all wins picked but hadn't won a quarter in the early goings ,.... ya just never know GOOD LUCK and PLAY NICE ! ! ! Now for some rules and guide-lines ALSO ,... if you think I may have missed something here please feel free to bring it up for discussion in another thread in this sub forum Thank You

    1. DEADLINE: The dead line will be Scheduled televised time of the game being IE as most games to start the week are played on Thursday NFL Network Starting time will be based the time time the coverage starts IE
    2. EACH WEEK threads will hopefully be locked at deadline time.
    3. RESULTS THREAD: I will Create a results thread which will have the complete tally and running talley of those who participated and keep this tally until the season's end
    4. WINNINGS,...AND YES there will be winners for each quarter of the season , every 4 games and a season overall winner the best picker will get a team hat. There are other things in the works for runner's these will be posted once it's decided upon
    • 5-1 There will be 1 Point for each game properly picked. Each game,counts as 1 point if you pick the winning team, scored.EVEN if you haven't made it to TIE BREAKER ROUND So long as you have chosen the right team it still will count as one point
    • 6 TIE BREAKER SCORING A Maximum of 6 Points can be won in the event of a tie. TIE BREAKER BONUS POINTS COME INTO PLAY as follows in the event of a tie where there may be more than one with the same amount of wins upon the completion of the Monday night game each week or final game of the week
    • 6--1 WINNING TEAM (COUNTS as 1 Pnt), must have the winning team picked IF there is still a tie,.. then we go to points scored
    • 6--2 POINTS SCORED (COUNTS as 2 Pnts,...1 point to the runner up ):) LIST points scored in the game WITHOUT GOING OVER, Point totals will be on a first come first serve basis no duplicate total point entries will be allowed IE DO read other picks on the thread
    • 6--3 BONUS POINTS ON the MONEY POINT PICKS If a Tie Breaker player has picked the EXACT amount of points scored They will awarded an additional 3 Pnts, addition to the above 2 Pnts ,....AND 2 Pnts will be awarded to the runner up) This why I have instilled a NO DUPLICATE total points rule. Someone gets to feel lucky or real good at what they do here. ;)
    • 7. IF THE TIE BREAKER GAME ENDS IN TIE Only those who are involved in the TIE BREAKING process are to be concerned,.. 3 points will then be given to who has points closest to the point total 2 points to the runner up without going over, 4 points will go to the lucky one ,...if you get lucky and hit the point total on the head and YOU WILL BE THE WINNER AS WELL
    • 7--1 IN THE EVENT TOTAL POINTS are all over of what was actually scored in the game THEN and ONLY THEN WILL THOSE CLOSEST in reverse to the actual point total will be considered
      1. 7-2. If you're over on points ,... TIE BREAKER PLAYERS ONLY if there are three players over and one player is under the Player who is under WINS and no points for runners up
    • 8. HOW THE TIE BREAKER GAME WILL BE PICKED the winner from each week will randomly pick the next week's game from the pick list posted for the next week's picks
    • 9--1 3 BONUS PNTs will be awarded to the PERFECT PICKER if you get all games right

    FYI to ALL of those playing:
    ONLY THOSE WHO ARE ACTING MEMBERS here at are participants
    There ARE NOT and WILL NOT be any proxy type picking of games allowed, more plainer words either you're here or OH WELL,... YOu're out

    Any questions ???? PLEASE,...feel free to drop a post here​
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    winner with the most points at the end of the first quarter of games played ,...

    will win THIS Genuine NFL SHOP Bears hat [​IMG]

    As long as this hat is in stock the attempt will be made to furnish it to the winner Or one of equal value will need to be picked out

    OR if you're a fan of another team and would like a hat from your team You'll pick one out of equal value as well
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  3. Nakoma1

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    Aug 17, 2013
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    Come on in ,... you'll ALL have shot

    I got lucky this week

    BESIDES ,.. IF YA GET IN NOW ,'ll have a chance at winning the overall prizes as well as well three more quarterly rounds

    and just maybe this round even ;)

    BEAR DOWN! ! !

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