POLL: Do you believe the Packers are a lock to win the NFC-N?

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Do you believe the Packers are a lock to win the NFC-N?

  1. Yes, we can't beat them. Aaron Rodgers is unbeatable.

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  2. No, GB is a great team, but we have a REAL shot at unseating them this year.

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    If you haven't read his book it is a good read and I highly recommend it. I ordered it just after he was hired by the Bears from Amazon and now I pass it around to my family members to read it's a very interesting. Marc T even sent me quick email thanking me on my purchase and hoped I would enjoy it. At 1st I figured it was just another mass pump email but after reading his book I think he may have sent that email. He is that kind of guy, he is very thorough in whatever he does in his life. I wish I could be as focused and driven when setting my sights on something that needs to be done like he does.
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