Quick Vid on Emery Breaking Down the Draft

Discussion in 'Chicago Bears' started by Chicago_66, May 13, 2014.

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    Cool little video. Interesting tidbit in there that I didn't know, Emery went to scout Will Sutton in 2012 and that was his introduction to Kyle Long. Game versus Oregon and Will Sutton got hurt so plenty of time was spent watching Long and obviously he came away impressed. Kinda neat. Now we have both. Bear Down.
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    Good find Chi66.

    Highlights, IF 1st was a CB they knew the next 2 picks were going to be DT, then they wanted RB/S in the 4th and 5th then fill the rest of 0 w/the 6th rounds. He said that to keep that plan they needed to trade back into the 4th or they'd be off plan, again this goes back to the teams know where the guys are going to go better then the 'experts' do.

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