Ravens/Bears - 11/17!

Discussion in 'Welcome Center' started by BigMike, Sep 25, 2013.

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    Hello Bears Fans!!
    Yes, I’m a Ravens fan. Don’t worry, I’m not a troll. Just wanted to introduce myself and tell you about our plans to come see the Bears/Ravens game in November. We take in one road trip each year. This year it’s Chicago!! We are really looking forward to the trip. Lots of history there with DaBears! You guys are off to a pretty good start this year. Should be a great game. Hope we don’t freeze our butts off.

    This is the first time visiting Chicago for all of us. We sure would welcome any tips/suggestions for things to do and places to see. We’re really interested in any pregaming options (bars, tailgates, best lots, etc).

    Hope you guy keep winning (with the exception of 11/17 of course). A Ravens/Bears Super Bowl would work out just right.

    BTW – let me know if this should be posted in a different section
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    Welcome to the site

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