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    On my phone browser I just hit the link for the all forums list and got hijacked.

    This happens occasionally and ive seen others mention it so I thought it might help track it if we all post here when it happens....
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    Never been to a site that has some many problems as this one. Can't log in , redirected, ect......
  3. Sorry, the host has been trying to figure this out.

    I am about to just flat out change hosts. I agree, this is unacceptable since it's to an adult site, and people log on during work.
  4. I emailed the owner of the hosting company, and they are looking deeper into this. I do not believe it's from DBS more than it's from the server.

    Just in case, I have disabled a bunch of the add-ons here to minimize the code that is being used. So come functionality is lost, but the majority of the board won't even notice. :D

    This sucks, and if this continues for a couple more days, I'm going to have to fork out some serious money to move us to our own server to minimize contamination from other sites that impact DBS.

    This sucks, and I am about fed up with the issues, trust me!
  5. **UPDATE**

    The owner personally contacted me. They are digging into the issue deep. They have to scour logs and check with the datacenter. It seems the server might be the victom of some sort of re-route/data hijack.

    While it is a simple pop-up that doesn't appear to be malicous, I expressed it is affecting my members and their ability to browse at work in a place where adult content is not permitted.

    They have been looking into this all weekend, and they did say they had this issue with another server, and the server was the issue. (That's good to know that it isn't

    I appologize for the issues. The bad thing is the costs of running off our own server come at a hefty price ($200/month). I can't afford to pay that all on my own, and while the Superfans help offset the costs of DBS, it's not alot compared to the $200/month.

    I will be looking at switching to a VPS, but that also has costs. So I'm trying to get the best of both worlds (Good hosting and cheap hosting). Our site has roughly 200 people on it throughout the day (not including the search bots). That means we can't use GoDaddy or any other small web host. They would kick me off and force me into our own server in no time. This site uses resources that would slow down the other sites on the server.

    In the end, know that I'm on top of it. In years past, I wasn't around to handle the issues. For the past 4 years I was on two US Navy ships that were underway alot. I've recently retired, so I have the ability to stay on TOP of the issues, and really push DBS further.

    I have a LOT of awesome plans to take us to where we were a couple years ago before I went to the ships.

    So please bare with us! If you have any questions or concerns, either reply here or send me a message. I'm more than happy to talk with you. I've always tried to level with the members here. Other sites would cover things up, delete messages etc.

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