Realistically, after just seeing the top teams play, when do you see us winning championships?

Discussion in 'Chicago Bears' started by JustAnotherBearsFan99, Feb 3, 2014.

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    Honestly it all depends on Emery's moves and picks.
    If he continues to make medium to big splashes in the off-season that actually improve the talent like he did last year with the offense then i could see 3 years for both to see a title run and compete with the top teams.

    Tucker needs a team to coach before i judge him. It's kind of like asking if Belichick was good in Cleveland...
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    I think that's a great point. It's a two-step process. #1 is to bring in talented players on defense (and we need some key upgrades here). #2 is to see if Mel Tucker can coach them up and give us a defense powerful enough to take back the NFC-N division title and (hopefully) beat the best teams in the NFL to win a Super Bowl.

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