Safety Position Big Thread

Discussion in 'Chicago Bears' started by Grizzblue, Jul 23, 2014.

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    I can already see with camp starting that we are going to have about a million threads regarding the safety spot so I figured we could condense most of the conversation and debate into one.

    So here is what we have as of now IMO.

    Conte-Currently on the PUP list and not what you want considering that he is in a make or break year
    Vereen-Looks alright/above expected in pre-pre-season. Needs to take that next step now the pads go on in order to lock down the job.
    Wilson-Former 6 time pro bowler. Health issues. If he can just be 75% of what he was then he may take one of the jobs.
    Mundy-Always seems to underpreform on teams with top talent at S. Now we can see if he is a bit unknown because of his abilities or the ones he was playing under. I think he is a longshot to start.
    Jennings- Longshot to make the 53 IMO. If he does it will come mostly from use in ST.

    My prediction for day one starters.....Vereen/Wilson (Insert Conte here if he is able to fully go in TC.
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