Slauson at Center

Discussion in 'Chicago Bears' started by mdbearz, Aug 9, 2013.

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    2nd preseason game
    Slauson no snap at center.

    Taylor Boggs almost all 2nd team snaps at center.
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    And FWIW I don't think he played any worse than Garza and yet he's listed as being 25lbs lighter. I realize that's not saying much but if a rookie can at least match what a long time vet can do then given Kromer's rep for developing starters out of lower round picks and UDFAs maybe Boggs is a potential heir apparent at OC.

    He's a little on the small side but one of the best OCs we ever had was an undersized UDFA named Hilgenberg and it's not like Kruetz was a mammoth guy either. Boggs is listed at 285lb and Olin only went 290lbs. Hilgy was only 260lbs but it's relative because there were few 300lb plus DTs in the '80s like there are today. If you're quick enough and know how to leverage your blocks then Boggs is big enough.
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    Agreed. But the question is would Boggs make it on to the PS for a whole season or will be the back-up C when the season starts?

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