The Bears should have cut Devin Hester a long time ago (interesting read)

Discussion in 'Chicago Bears' started by JustAnotherBearsFan99, Mar 7, 2014.

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    Henry, I'd love to say I agree with you because this is a very well stated opinion but I don't agree and I'll explain.

    While Phil Emery did a great job acquiring new offensive talent and hiring a guy who could scheme and coach an offense he neutralized all of the benefits of that by neutering the defense with equally poor personnel management and by hiring a DC who I still believe is not the right guy to coach the Bears defense. I don't believe one other NFL GM would have retained a DC who took a top 5 defense to 31st in one year.

    If he doesn't hold Tucker accountable for that then he has to hold himself accountable as far as poor personnel management was concerned and in order to justify retaining Tucker that's exactly what he did. All I can do is paraphrase what he said but the gist of it was "It was my fault for not providing him with the proper players and enough depth". It was nice of him to finally admit it but it doesn't alter the facts I stated above. He improved the offense but simultaneously screwed up the defense.

    I'm not being emotional over it at all and I believe I'm being very intellectually honest about it. The facts are the facts and they support my thinking about it all. It's just an opinion though and neither right or wrong. It just is what it is. Phil has two more years left on his contract to straighten out this mess he made and if he does as well fixing the defense as quickly as he did the offense then he's off the hook right? But you'll have to excuse me for my concerns when he has yet to show any talent as far as finding impact players on defense like those he seems bent on replacing and left a DC in charge who couldn't seem to even teach his rookies and younger vets where to line up and how to tackle.

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    While the debate on Tucker is still in process I think that is the only thing I can agree with Soul on. Not making an essay here but Offense needed the help he gave them and it has worked out well. The offense is still an injury away from looking like the defense did last yr. There is no way with all the injuries on defense last yr any logical, statistical, or factual conclusions can be drawn other than they had many more injuries to key players at key positions than normal thus preventing any further diagnosis as the data in not a normal distribution and any conclusions are opinions and nothing more
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