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    Early in the morning and it's pouring out. A husband and wife are sound asleep. A loud knock on their front door startles them awake. The husband goes to see who it is and there's a man standing in the rain.

    Husband: "It's 2 am. What do you want? "

    Stranger: "Hey, I need a push "

    Husband: " We're sleeping, it's pouring out and I'm not going out there. Call AAA. " and slams the door shut.

    Husband goes upstairs and wife asks who was at the door.

    Husband: "Just some guy asking for a push."

    Wife: " Now dear, remember when we where stuck in the mud and needed help and a stranger pushed us out? You should help that guy. "

    Husband: " Goddammit, alright."

    Goes to the door and doesn't see the stranger anywhere.

    Husband, yells out: "Hey buddy, where you at? Still need a push? "

    Stranger, from out of the darkness: " Yeah "

    Husband responds: "Well, where are you at?"

    Stranger: " On your swing set "
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