This is the most proactive management I can remember

Discussion in 'Chicago Bears' started by Bearsinhouston, Aug 17, 2014.

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    I have seen a pattern here that I REALLY like. When there has been a player on the bubble, or a position that they are not entirely happy with as far as field performance, the team has brought in players to provide a security blanket. They do not go into the season just hoping a guy will get better or that the coaches will be able to coach him up. And in saying that I have a MUCH higher level of confidence in these coaches being able to coach someone up than I did under the Lovie regime.
    Still, even though their capabilities are better, they don't rely on "maybe". The two most recent examples are bringing in Clausen (at the time neither Palmer nor Fales were providing a high degree of comfort -- since then Palmer has gotten much better), and bringing on Holmes.

    When they don't like what they see, they act. As much as I love it, I am still trying to get used to it.
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    Maybe it's the people in the front office or maybe it's a combination of that and having George McCaskey as the COB instead of Mikey green lighting whatever expenditures are needed to get and keep the team competitive and a championship level. It's hard to say.

    What I'm enjoying is watching Phil Emery do exactly what he said he would do which is leave no stone unturned looking for an signing player to upgrade the roster. He'll sign starters, backups, and third tier STeamers or developmental players. It makes no difference. If there's someone out there who can play or even raise the level of competition between who he has he's all for bringing them in.
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    Yeah, quite a turn around from the Mikey, Angler and Lovie show that we were all sick and tired of putting up with. The new regime walks the walk instead of talking down to fans as if we were all village idiots.

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