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Discussion in 'Chicago Bears' started by riczaj01, Aug 1, 2013.

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    I never said he turned down anything I'm sure he was given the same info as all the other vet fa's. go out and test the market and see what the market bears and come back to us. I think that makes since seeing as, like you said the players we signed were after izzy signed w/Det.

    I could see the Izzy camp looking around for a price came back to Chicago and Chicago countered and Izzy went to Det. And what BU said was he wanted to be here, but his actions didn't say that, words are not the same as intent.

    Again this is about Izzy being able to play and not ride pine. Det offered him a contract to start, and I doubt Emery would be willing to pay the same for a guy that was going to be a backup.
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    Jul 29, 2013
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    What I do understand is that the only D-lineman missing much time last year was that retread Emery brought in named McClellan. It doesn't matter how 'fresh' guys are if they don't actually make some noise on the field. Paea has underachieved. Its a fact. Wooton is finally blossoming into the talent he's had all along. Another GEM discovered by Angelo, not Emery of course. McBride is a turd reserve. Too much is being made about his loss.

    I think its downright disturbing that you don't understand which DL players are actually guys we can count on and who will impact our games, when we need a play.

    I also think its downright disturbing that you are more concerned about our DL's play as opposed to the play of that head case named Cutler, who when GB shows up on the schedule, we can automatically count on to have an atrocious performance.

    I have more confidence in any DL rotation we throw out there, as opposed to a QB that gets mind fucked in pregame warmups by far more talented QBs.

    Mr. D. is not like you man who is full of so much soul....I don't swallow the Cutler propaganda anymore. Our DL has greater value than Cutler. And that's only because Cutler is unpredictable from game to game...or at least you know you have a 34% chance of winning, when he's under center, and the opponent has an above.500 winning pct...

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