Tillman: Rod Marinelli is the best defensive coordinator in the game

Discussion in 'Chicago Bears' started by JustAnotherBearsFan99, Jan 31, 2014.

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    I'm glad Marinelli is getting a shot at DC again. The guy is certainly a motivator of D players. I liked this quote from Peanut regarding the Bears defense this year:

    "My team, defensively, we stunk this year. We just didn't have a good year. People wanted to blame the coaches, no. We as players, we stunk."


    p.s. I always liked the story about how Rod wrestled a bear. Pretty cool story:

    "Marinelli and two of his friends, Gary Schram and Don Gomez, were cruising down the street and saw a car dealership advertising an interesting deal: wrestle "Victor the Bear" for $10, Cotsonika wrote. The 'wrestle-the-bear' shtick was run by a Russian guy, according to Schram and Gomez

    The high school senior then went home to change into his wrestling gear before heading back to face Victor, according to the article.

    Then the real fun began.

    "It was cold, the mat was all wet, and this bear was smelly, let me tell you," Schram told Cotsonika. "So we put the money up there, and in goes Rod. Rod did then what he does now: He went in to win."

    "There was no hesitation on the guy's part," Gomez told the Free Press. "He flew into that thing."

    "And let me tell you," Schram added, "he had that bear on his back in about 10 seconds."
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    Yea he did wonders in Dallas hahahaha
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    Wish Rod would have stuck around, but his loyalty was to Lovie not the Bears so he went on his way, he's definately an upgrade over Kiffin no doubt.

    BU and Tillman, and just about everyone is telling you the problem this year was the players and the inj's, not the coaches, hope people are listening.

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