Trestman gets some love from Bill Barnwell

Discussion in 'Chicago Bears' started by BradMustersGhost, Nov 8, 2013.

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    Barnwell wrote an article about the NFL's "midseason awards" winners. While discussing his midseason Coach of the Year (Andy Reid), he threw out this complimentary blurb regarding Trestman:

    "Were I voting for Coach of the Year, I would obviously have Reid in that discussion. But there are a number of coaches who I think have done a better job of molding their schemes to the talent on hand or getting more out of less on their roster. Marc Trestman has totally revitalized the Chicago offense, protected Jay Cutler, and quietly gotten a mammoth season out of Matt Forte."

    The entire article is linked here:
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    However Trestman is not just the Offensive HC, he is the Chicago Bear's HC and therefore he must take some responsibility for the disappointing Bears Defense.

    Andy Ried on the other hand has assembled a solid Offense, a great defense, and he was smart enough to lure the best ST coach in the NFL to KC.

    If I was voting on coach of the year, it would have to be Andy Reid, without a doubt.
  3. JustAnotherBearsFan99

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    I'd give it to Reid too. But I also realize Trestman was handed a team that was needing a major talent overhaul. The offense is in decent shape now, but the defense was a "house of cards" talent-wise. It's going to take (at least) one season to fix the talent on that side of the ball. Emery will get it done. Trestman will excel as our HC. If our DC isn't "The Guy" then Trestman will see to it that we get "The Guy"..........he seems pretty decisive, and hungry to win championships here in Chicago. I think he will bring us multiple SB wins during his tenure. But first you need a certain level of talent to accomplish that goal. But kudos to Reid. He's done a great job.
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    Woah, hold on. The Chiefs have multiple top 5 picks all over their defense, and one of them gave up $10 million guaranteed in the offseason, to save the team money. They had 5 defensive Pro Bowlers on a 2-14 team, and Poe improved from his rookie to his sophomore year, for the defensive line, so that kind of improvement isn't unexpected. Not to disparage their team in any way, but they've played 4 backup QB's this year, and haven't exactly played any good offenses. They have striking similarities to the 2006 & 2010 Bears (except, they have a "game manager" at QB, instead of a "gunslinger"), in that they've had a lot of easy games early, and the defense has pulled the game out for them.

    How that relates to the Bears is that, the Chiefs have more high draft picks (The Bears haven't picked as high as the Chiefs have since 2004) at defensive positions than the Bears do. Not to mention that the injuries the Bears have suffered have crippled their defense. Same for the Packers, and the Texans' offense. The Chiefs have also been one of the few lucky teams to go without any serious injuries thus far. There's no way the Bears defense can suffer 3 defensive line injuries, 2 linebacker injuries, and their best defensive back hobbled all year, and be expected to perform anywhere near the same level.
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