Trust, respect important to Trestman

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    Bears' Marc Trestman teams up with PCA to help young athletes
    August 7, 2014, 10:15 pm

    Bears head coach Marc Trestman recently joined the National Advisory Board ofPositive Coaching Alliance.
    The non-profit organization PCA was founded by the Stanford University Athletic Department in 1998 and has helped develop "Better Athletes, Better People" for youth and high school athletes, coaches, parents and teachers through workshops, online courses and books.
    “Marc is a teacher of character as well as someone who understands the importance of culture in developing an effective team," PCA Founder and CEO Jim Thompson said. “Everyone in the PCA Movement is going to learn a lot from his engagement with PCA and I am exceedingly grateful that he has joined our National Advisory Board."

    Trestman is joined by several prominent Chicago figures on the PCA National Advisory Board including Bulls and White Sox Chairman Jerry Reinsdorf, Northwestern University head football coach Pat Fitzgerald, Northwestern University head basketball coach Chris Collins, DePaul University women's soccer coach Erin Chastain and former Pro Basketball Hall of Fame Bulls head coach Phil Jackson.
    Trestman, who also took part in PCA-Chicago's Coffee with Coaches breakfast event on June 16, recently caught up with the organization for an exclusive video that will be used by the non-profit organization for workshops across the country.

    "We don't want to develop a leadership team, but we want to develop a team full of leaders," Trestman said. "To do that, it starts with each and every one of us carrying ourselves with the demeanor of a leader. How you talk to people, the words you use, the way you listen and the way you treat other people. That's grounded in respect, which is really holding others in higher regard. And in humility, which is really saying 'to be a part of this team is bigger than me' and the individual takes a backseat to the team."

    Trestman went on to talk about a wide-range of topics including sportsmanship, dealing with adversity, locker room culture, hazing and much more.

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