Unbelievable: Sam Bradford out for season - again

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    Sam Bradford out for Rams' season with torn ACL

    After losing Sam Bradford for the final nine games of last season, the St. Louis Rams are bracing for another lost campaign by the team's starting quarterback.
    NFL Media Insider Ian Rapoport reported Sunday that a battery of tests confirmed that Bradford suffered a season-ending torn ACL in Saturday night's preseason win over the Cleveland Browns, per Rams sources. The tear is to the same ACL that the quarterback tore last season.
    Bradford injured his left knee on a first-quarter incompletion before limping off toward the locker room with a pair of team trainers. Rams coach Jeff Fisher was "optimistic" after the game, telling reporters that "it appeared just to be a hyperextension," but Sunday's round of testing revealed another trying setback for the former No. 1 overall pick.
    It's devastating news for the Rams and Bradford. While the fifth-year starter has been wholly inconsistent over his 49 starts, the team has outwardly backed Bradford as their long-term answer under center. His future with the team is now entirely in doubt.
    He played well over two preseason games this month, spreading the ball around and taking shots downfield with no visible lasting effects of last year's knee injury.
    The job now falls to Shaun Hill, who will lean on a St. Louis ground attack led by second-year back Zac Stacy and supported by Benny Cunningham and rookie Tre Mason.
    Hill hasn't made a start since 2010, when he stepped in for an injured Matthew Stafford to lead the Detroit Lions to a 3-7 record over his 10 appearances. He posted a 61.8 completion percentage with 16 touchdowns and 12 picks during that stint, but Hill has thrown just 16 passes since.
    The Rams will need their backup to play nearly flawless football to keep pace inside the NFL's nastiest division.


    Just wow. He will never be a starter again. Lucky to get a chance with another team as a backup now.

    Rams message boards are going crazy right now. lol
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    If his name was Sam "Cutler" the press would be calling him fragile and undependable. :rolleyes:
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    That's because if you're surly and an asshole to the press you are given a much shorter leash. Now if you are nice guy and say all the right things they will give you more of a pass. Here endeth the lesson to being a pc QB.
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    Didja c the hit that caused it ? Yeah I'd say he's fragile .
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    both were nonhits.

    so a guy gets 2 in under a year of the weakest variety ever seen and Peterson comes back in record time and bangs bodies all over the place ?

    I know you guys cant handle this but His injury was faked. Look at both videos and tell me what you think you know about the Reality of an ACL .
    He is being fazed out because he doesn't know how to act or answer questions when the cameras are on him.The NFL wants QBs with charisma or at least believable.
    I saw a pregame sideline speech he tried to give and he sounded like a girl and you could even see a couple linemen just kind of stand there waiting for him to finish because he sounded so dumb.



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