Was Seattle's Sunday Performance More Dominant Than the '85 Bears?

Discussion in 'Chicago Bears' started by JustAnotherBearsFan99, Feb 3, 2014.

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    Here's the complete season:

    1985 CHICAGO BEARS Complete Season on DVD - Free Shipping
    All 19 games from the 1985 Chicago Bears season. Includes all 16 regular season games, NFC Divisional and NFC Championship games, and Super Bowl 20 on DVD. Each game comes in a custom thin 7mm DVD cover.

    All games are on 1 DVD each. Sound is remixed if required. This may include removing tape hiss, synchronizing sound with the picture, and providing the correct multi-channel sound level.
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  2. [S]alvatore

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    Thanks for posting that link JABF, I was looking for the 83 and 84 season.

    I've dealt with this guy a few times over the years, and I can't recommend him highly enough:


    I have purchased:

    Historic set
    Bears vs Packers October 30, 1977 - Walter Payton rushes for 205 yards and 2 TDs
    Bears vs Raiders November 4, 1984 - Hard Fought Victory against the Defending Super Bowl Champs
    Bears vs Giants September 14, 1987 - Monday Night Football, Bears take out the Defending Champs
    Bears vs Eagles December 31, 1988 - "The Fog Bowl" the fog rolls in, the Bears roll on
    Bears vs Vikings January 1, 1995 - a Wild card Victory on the Enemies turf
    Bears vs Packers November 7, 1999 - Only 6 days after Payton passes, Bears block one for him
    Bears vs 49ers October 28, 2001 - Everyone thought it was over.........except the Bears!!
    Bears vs Browns November 4, 2001 - Against all odds, the Bears come back and win in OT

    1985, 1986, 2005 and 2006 season

    Prices are very reasonable for both the DVD's and shipping. I live in Australia (shipping is usually a killer from the U.S) so that says alot.
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    The power of the camel toe...
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    Thats my next door neighbors underage daughter Ski.

    Lucky for you she turns 18 tomorrow. You should send her a birthday present.

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