Watch for Ravens to work tight end deep

Discussion in 'Chicago Bears' started by short faced bear, Nov 14, 2013.

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    Lions had some success doing it approaching red zone against Bears on Sunday


    Matt Bowen
    Scouting the Bears

    6:08 p.m. CST, November 14, 2013

    Heading into Sunday's matchup with Ravens quarterback Joe Flacco, Mel Tucker's defense should expect to be tested once again on the inside seams in their Cover-2 shell.

    Using the All-22 coaches tape from the Bears Week 10 loss to the Lions, here's a breakdown on how Matthew Stafford was able to target the tight end in the four verticals concept for an explosive gain.

    The Lions have their Posse (or 11) personnel on the field (three wide receivers, one tight end, one running back) in a 2-by-2 Doubles alignment with the ball in the strike zone (20 to 35 yard line). The Bears counter with their base nickel sub package (five defensive backs) playing Cover-2 in the secondary.

    This is a classic Cover-2 beater off quick play action that puts stress on the two deep half safeties (play two verticals) and forces the underneath defenders to gain depth to cushion the inside seam routes.

    Because of the open (weak) side play action to running back Reggie Bush, Sam linebacker James Anderson settles his feet and hesitates versus the release of tight end Brandon Pettigrew. That allows the Lions tight end to work over the top of Anderson and stem his route back to the near hash marks.

    With strong safety Major Wright playing in the deep half over both Pettigrew and Calvin Johnson to the closed (strong) side of the formation, Stafford has a clean throwing window inside to deliver the ball.

    Wright drives top-down on the inside seam, but because of the lack of depth from Anderson, Pettigrew finds a soft hole in the zone defense to set up the Lions in prime scoring position.

    The Ravens have shown this same route concept on tape multiple times and will target the tight end or work the ball outside to take advantage of Torrey Smith's deep ball speed. And with Charles Tillman on the shelf, the vertical game could be in play for Flacco and the Ravens at Soldier Field.,0,4029712.column
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    Working the tight end deep has worked for EVERY team with a good tight end the past couple of years.
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    If you have a good TE, that works for every team against every team. It works really well against the Bears though b/c the LB's have to be used to rush the qb and help stop the run, which leaves the Safeties exposed.
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    The Ravens do not have a quality catching TE.

    Dallas Clark is much older and slower this year and has not really made a big splash, and Ed Dickson is Kellen Davis 2.0, seriously he caught 2 passes last week and both were big surprises that he was even being targeted again, Flacco does not trust him because of Sooo many drops.

    The only problem is that if our safeties are asked to cover them it could be a case of who is the least worse.
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    Our safeties are killing the defense as much as our rotten DL.
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    no one likes to be left behind. They want to do their part too.
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