What About Projecting The Future ?

Discussion in 'Chicago Bears' started by jackiejokeman, Sep 16, 2013.

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    Lets get ready for : CHICAGO BEARS @ Pittsburgh.

    Thats an easy one ... however ...

    We may have disagreements between CHICAGO BEARS & GREEN BAY PACKERS over the decades ...

    thats always been in a friendly way. Whoever wins ... wins. It was always about THE GAME.

    Between FRISCO & SEATTLE ... I think those motherfuuckers really want to kill each other.

    IF we as any team in the NFC NORF meet up with either Frisco or Seatlle in the playoffs ...

    are they going to take that hatred towards each other against us in the NFC NORTH ?

    Can we turn it up to a level to put them in their places and WIN ?

    Its only game two and it may be premature ... I dont like to take chances on kicking NFC ASS.

    We take the AFC in THE SUPERBOWL ... they dont always get it right.

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