What happened to Peppers?

Discussion in 'Chicago Bears' started by tbear1, Sep 8, 2013.

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    Is anyone talking shit about Peppers aware that, while taking on double/triple teams and chips, and being held just about every play last year that he led the team in sacks w/11, 4 more then Izzy and Wootton, who both had 7? Let that sink in, the next two sack guys on the team only had 3 more then Peppers and were both benefitting from his presence on the line.

    You cannot get sacks if the QB is not going to hold onto the ball longer then 3 sec's, which is what Dalton was doing a large portion of the time yesterday; now add on the double teams and chips the Peppers always gets and his numbers are going to suffer. The rest of the DL need to take advantage of the attention Peppers gets and force the O to pay for it; if they don't Peppers numbers are never going to be as impressive as they could be.
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    What happened to Pepps??? Simples, the Bengals O line got the better of him for that game. They seemed more prepared in the the 1st 3qtrs of the gaem.

    Likelyhood is Peppers will return to his ways next week vs the Vikes and get at least a sack in on Ponder.

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