Where the hell are our other receiving threats?

Discussion in 'Chicago Bears' started by Henry Burris, Sep 16, 2013.

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    I had a nightmare last night, Jeffery was being cut.. Thank god it only was a nightmare.

    I hope and I think Jeffery will show. It will be hard for the defense to cover Marshall, Black Unicorn and Jeffery. I just hope his breakthrough will come sooner than later. I did expect him to have more yards by now but I didn't expect Forte/Black Unicorn to get so many yards either..

    Hopefully Steelers will put too much focus on Marshall, Black Unicorn and Forte which will open up for Jeffery.
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    escpecially when they don't fit the story you're trying to potray. All a WR is asked to do is catch the ball thrown his way, but Earl being the best at that doesn't matter?

    So lets see what we agree on:

    He's injury prone, yep, no doubt.
    It's not Jay's fault, who said it was? He's throwing to 4 guys, all farther up on the food chain then Earl...as JC should be doing.

    Again let me ask, who on the Bears, below Earl Bennett is getting more targets, more yards, more rec's, more TD's then Earl is? Is it Earl's fault that he now has Marshal, Jeffery, BUnicorn and Forte in front of him on the food chain?

    No. How many guys do you expect to have big games in the first two weeks? By your standard Jeffery, the 4th option should be cut b/c he's not living up to expectations or having a great year, after 2 games.

    Lets take a look at players that have had big games so far:
    Cutler 2
    BMarsh 2
    Forte 1
    BUnicorn 1

    Guess while we're at it might as well cut Forte and MBennett b/c they aren't having great games(2 or more out of 2) and are the 2nd and 3rd options.
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    Good points.

    If we cut them, I'd like to see us cut Melton and Peppers too, because as the people here have been sayin' they haven't done squat in 2 games. Hell, cut all of our our Pro Bowl players. Because, you know, the first 2 games defines your entire season & players :D
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    Your argument is invalid, because you equate "best hands" to "getting open".

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