Who the hell is Ryan Mundy?

Discussion in 'Chicago Bears' started by okay, May 30, 2014.

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    That's what I thought when I heard the Bears signed him. I've heard a lot of negative opinions on him which are mostly in regard to his speed and coverage abilities, and that's pretty much all I've heard on any Bears fan forum....what a lot of fans seem to have forgotten pretty quickly was our biggest weakness was run defense, not the pass.

    I thought I'd use this thread to highlight some positive comments I've found on other forums/articles and post any highlights. Remember, a lot of fans will diss a player just because he isn't an all pro and many don't truly understand football or the player's role in the defense/where they were supposed to be before they blame a bad play on them.

    Also keep in mind most Giants fans are used to having some solid players at safety - last season they had Antrel Rolle who is a very good player back there, previously they also had Kenny Phillips a former 1st round pick. So I imagine they have higher expectations for a safety than us Bears fans.

    91 yard INT return vs Cowboys Sept 2013

    Forces fumble Steelers vs Bills Jan 2012

    Mundy lays the wood on Heyward Bey (defenseless receiver, fined $20K)

    Fan comments:
    From: http://corner.bigblueinteractive.com/index.php?mode=2&thread=491047
    If only 1
    RetroJint : 3/9/2014 7:19 pm : link
    I would prefer Mundy to Brown. Mundy came on the last quarter of the season. In particular, watch his game against the Seahawks. He was uncanny in that game in how he became invisible to Wilson on his blitzes, which is a very difficult thing to do to the Hawks QB. I think Mundy is much more than depth. Yes Brown had the 8 picks & one million yards returning them but he whiffs a lot as a tackler. He is also a keeper. In fact Reese's best work has been at S .

    I'd also prefer Mundy over Brown if choosing one
    JonC : 3/10/2014 8:40 am : link
    Mundy is steady, athletic enough to matchup, and hits like a truck along with playing special teams.

    That's why he's a backup
    JonC : 3/10/2014 8:48 am : link
    Perhaps he's the best backup SS option they see for now, he's a proven player just not an allstar. Bring him back and see what the draft brings.

    From http://corner.bigblueinteractive.com/index.php?mode=2&thread=491132 :

    I think Mundy
    RetroJint : 3/11/2014 8:05 am : link
    Is a big loss. I saw something altogether different than you guys. First he was learning how to play "up" in Fewell's defense. That is his key player. Stevie Brown, a center fielder who can't tackle , can't do that. It means Rolle plays 2 roles, which is never a good idea for him. The 3-safety look is integral to Fewell's defense. When he has that down, his Ds play well against teams like the Packers & Pats. As for Mundy, he probably stays in the NFC East. He can help any of the other 3 teams.

    It is clear a good chunk of fans
    JonC : 3/11/2014 8:21 am : link
    have no clue regarding Safety play. Mundy is a loss, Stevie's 2012 season was OK, the INTs are something unlikely to be repeated.

    Mundy is replaceable
    JonC : 3/11/2014 8:30 am : link
    but he is a solid veteran safety and depth.

    I would have liked to keep Mundy
    pjcas18 : 3/11/2014 8:33 am : link
    who knows how long Rolle will continue to be this durable.

    RE: Egh..
    Padiwan15 : 3/10/2014 9:28 pm : link
    In comment 11548871 arcarsenal said:
    I'm not too high on Taylor. Would have preferred to keep Mundy. He was solid depth, IMO. If he wants to be a starter, I guess see yah.
    I agree. I watched Mundy a lot and while he's not great, I trust him more than Taylor, who scares me when he's out there more than Mundy . He does need time to get there, though.

    Seemed like a okay player
    giantgiantfan : 3/10/2014 9:22 pm : link
    and I think it would have been nice to have him back. You never know, he could be back if there is no market kinda like Deon Grant.

    From http://www.gamefaqs.com/boards/2000211-sports-and-racing-nfl/68769897 :

    #3NikoIaiPosted 3/12/2014 7:29:59 AM

    He was actually ok. He eventually lost his job to Will Trill but he showed that was an average safety and should probably start somewhere
    I did it for The Motherland
    Giants. Knicks.

    #8Will_Hill_pimpPosted 3/12/2014 9:29:00 AM

    He is ok as a strong safety. Don't expect him to cover well in zones.

    From http://corner.bigblueinteractive.com/index.php?mode=2&thread=478840 :
    let's all jump on Mundy..
    Rsspro : 9/9/2013 1:22 am : link
    for being opportunistic and having good reaction time (basically all game but we'll stick to this play for now) in catching the deflecting pass by Prince and intercepting the ball and running it down to the half yard line for our offense to score.. seriously?
    I wanted him to score too.. but guy made a play.. I'd take that every week

    Mundy was one guy I can't find fault
    Beez : 9/9/2013 1:24 am : link
    with after this game. Thought he was decent out there.

    Other than sticking Prince with a concussion
    Ten Ton Hammer : 9/9/2013 1:29 am : link
    a good night for Mundy. I expected the worst, but he seems to understand the defense.
    Even the TD he gave up to Witten was well-contested.

    Article comments:
    From http://beargoggleson.com/2014/05/27/bears-flash-new-wrinkles-first-day/
    At safety, Ryan Mundy and M.D. Jennings were the starters. It was reported, the Mundy looked and played the part of an experienced strong safety. Not only did he play well against the run, but was quick and fluid in coverage, including deep coverage responsibilities.

    My take:
    Mundy has the potential to be a solid starter and an improvement over Wright if the coaches play to his strengths. I think he will be a traditional strong safety, playing in the box often, manning up on TEs and blitzing occasionally. He is what this team needs - a solid strong safety who can stop the run, lay the wood and bring some fire and attitude to the defense. Last season our biggest weakness was the run defense and it showed at safety with Wright and Conte letting us down there. If you watch that Giants highlight video he makes some great plays and tackles for losses when he moves into the box. This isn't the Cover 2 anymore where your safeties have to be excellent in deep coverage to succeed.

    He can be too aggressive at times in coverage and the run game but we need some fire and someone to make the slot receivers and TEs think twice before coming across the middle for that catch in traffic. See that hit on Heyward Bey? That was an illegal one but a hit like that will have the receivers worried for the rest of the game. If you watch his Giants highlight video he seems to be able to deliver a bit clean hit without getting a penalty.

    In Pittsburgh he was stuck behind Polamalu and only got a chance to play when he was out. Last season he had a chance to play a lot of snaps for the Giants and it seems like he improved as the season went on. Now that he is getting real game experience it might be what he needed to improve into a quality stater.

    Question for you guys - when was the last time you saw a Bears safety lay someone out with a big hit? I honestly can't remember Conte or Wright doing so. Might have to go back to Chris Harris (who was another player that was "too slow" but made up for it with his smarts and toughness).
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    Bloody MaryBig MacBananaApple
    Good thread okay. My feelings pretty much concur with yours. The guy is a steady player. Not spectacular but steady and consistent like you want a SS to be. He's young and he's played behind Pro Bowl level guys on two teams so we're getting an experienced player who may just now be hitting his peak.
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    Good point . Hope ur right .
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    I like Mundy a lot...but I might be a bit biased. He's solid...which is not a bad thing.
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    I think he could be like a Bennett/Slausen pick-up. He doesn't have the perceivable upside of Bennett but he's someone who looked alright and is coming into his own still. Word was he lost the job to Will Hill (I think?) due to Hill's great play rather than lack of confidence in Mundy himself. I think he could be an average starter for us, which is leagues better than what Wright provided and honestly you can't have superstars at every position. Both Slausen and Bennett were met with a lot of criticism for not being proven players but both are young and their play has been improving but they just weren't quite there yet. There's a chance Mundy hasn't shown his best yet, when has he started more than one year in a defense? I like how Emery gets youngish players who have potential to be coming into their own. Lets hope he learned a thing or two from Polamalu and brings some attitude to this defense.

    I think he's an upgrade over Wright and with all the other additions throughout the defense I'll take whoever wins the FS job with open arms, and I'm not talking as in Carimi. If Conte wins I think he has a great season ahead of him, the same goes for Vereen. I guess I'm not too high on MD Jennings but if he wins then that means he's looking better than Conte or Vereen so he must bring something to the table. I look at MD as a solid depth player but who knows. I really think it'll be Conte/Mundy out there and I think Conte will prove to be very solid if he does retain his job. If Vereen has what it takes to take the job from him then I'm very excited to see what he brings to the table.

    I guess what I'm saying is I'm definitely not as worried about safety as I was pre-FA/Draft. I think Emery did the best he could with what was available in the off-season. I think I'm more worried about LB play than anything and that's mainly due to the reality that there could be injuries. If DJ and Lance start all 16 games I think we're in great shape.
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    At this point I'll take anyone average back there, Tillman, Jennings and fuller will make our safeties look chicken salad cut up from chicken shit

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    It is sounding like Mundy, although not great, is an upgrade from last year. He may very well be the best S on this team right now. Conte has never impressed me, not just last year but never. Last year everyone looked bad so giving a pass to Conte last year, he still needs to continue to improve.

    I guess things could be worst than having Conte, Vereen, and MD Jennings battling for one position. At this point I believe Mundy will be a starter and the other position is up for grabs. Probably Conte's to lose, but with him out from surgery his grasp on the position is very weak. TE and S may still be upgraded once cuts start to take place. There is still lots of time between now and the final rosters.
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    Bloody MaryBig MacBananaApple
    Whereas Mundy seems to be the hitter and the short coverage guy you want as a SS and Conte has the speed and range you want playing "centerfield" as a FS I think Vereen is the crossover guy. Probably more of a SS but I also think he's a very smart, heady ball player and he exhibited a lot of leadership playing at Minnesota. To me he's the guy who has the potential to become another Mike Brown and we need a guy like that playing Safety.

    The lack of leadership back there last year as obvious and although I don't expect Vereen to step into the role this year by next year or the following I'll bet he is that leader and starting at one of the Safety spots. There really aren't any steals in the a draft but moving up to take him was a heady move because I think he slipped through the cracks a bit and might have gone earlier that he did. I think he's gonna be a very good NFL Safety.

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