Wonder if Defense will be more 3-4 now w/out Bennett

Discussion in 'Chicago Bears' started by BSBEARS, Mar 10, 2014.


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    Talking out loud here but Emery at combine stated they would primarily be a 4-3. Wonder if Plan B is a 3-4 look

    We have the coaches, still need to sign the players and most of the DE's out there are 3-4 DE. Several tweener DE's in the draft for 34 OLB. We all hashed through it before but not many pass rushers out there for a 4-3. Ravens and raiders 34de out there. Raji better as a 34dt than de, Ratliff comes from a 34 in Dallas. I no it seems far fetched but Emery also said they would play to the players they have and right now not seeing a 43 de except the vike Allen.

    Wish we got Bennett but looks like we would have overpaid, Briggs is the only player that may not fit a 34 who is signed. Unfortunately he is the best player on defense. Eager to see plan B but thinking we may be more 50-50 or more on alignment and thinking it may not be 4-3 as desired.

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