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    Looking for NON-PROGRAMMING ideas that may make this place more "interactive" for all our membership. Jimmors had a great idea about a debate club, etc... that is all in good fun with such debates as "Coke vs. Pepsi" or along those lines (non political, as we already have an area for that).

    Any other ideas out there?

    There is a points/credit system on this board, already in place, that will EVENTUALLY be activated. These points/credits WILL have a use... and you may be surprised (unless you follow the chatbox and seen Ski mention the words "DBS Merchandise"). Ski is still working on all that, it make take a while to be put in place, but anything we enact can more than likely have a point/credit value assigned to winners, participants, etc... Maybe it won't. Maybe it will. But any ideas we can enact should be fun!

    On-line scavenger hunt?
    Debates with end-voting?
    Orca-Slap Tournament?
    Everyone in the Pick-em Office Pool?
    Trolling Contest starting DavidL?
    ...sigh.... Hottie Bracket?

    Let's hear your ideas!
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    Before you read my long post, what Loki is saying, we are working hard to refresh the site. We are working to add the stuff that DBS was built on. Bring ideas, and feedback if you would like something, or don't like something. Most of the time, I might be too close to the site, so I don't see that something doesn't look right, or the functionaltity isn't good. We can't go with everything you want, but I started this site based on what members wanted, not what I wanted.

    Ok, here's my input.. With my Active Duty Naval career over, as most know, I have a LOT more time on my hands. Thats means a LOT more of the vintage!

    This is a long post, but will tell you what is going on here.

    I am VERY pleased to say that this is the BEST has every been appearance wise. I mean the place is easy to navigate, works on mobile platforms very easily (without athe use of an app). The flow is just amazing. I think we are the only site with this experience. While I loved vBulletin, Xenforo is the best option! Who would have thought the crash in August 2013 when we lost everything, that we'd be so much better off?!? The vBulletin software is so bad, that most sites are remaining at version 4. Remember version 5 killed DBS. It was so bad, I could export it over to anything. Some say the code was like spaghetti.

    What Loki has touched upon are the changes that are coming.

    ~ I've added an arcade. That is something that is kind fun. I've added some QB sports games in there.

    ~ We now have a front page. My goal is to advertise for members that wish to write articles. There are some brilliant minds when it comes to post on here. I know a lot of members come just for that. So why not post it exclusively on our front page. You WILL get noticed by other media outlets.

    ~ I have added a point system. It will use Bears Bucks "ß". This will be big. You will be able to convert these Bearz Buckz over to DBS merchandise. I am still working out the scale of points to merchandise, but look for this by the start of the season. I already know there are going to be questions like "can you port over my old amount?". The answer is no. While I can, for starters I killed the old site. I have backup, but I'm just not going to bother with all that hassle. Plus, the way the points were on the old site didn't hold any value. So a lot of people had millions.
    The goal is to give back a little something to those that contribute to the site. It's going to be something like 5000ß gets you a t-shirt. For 10,000ß you can get a customized Tervis.
    This is a HUGE undertaking, and a lot of the money is going to come from my wallet. So I can't simply make it rain. It's to give a little something back.

    ~ We are going to have a fantasy football league. We are still working out the details, but the winner will get a coveted Tervis Trophy. Exclusive to the league, which will crown them as the 2014 Champion.

    ~ We are also having an Office Pool Pickem game. The winner will also win a Tervis Trophy exclusive to this league. (Only two "Trophies" will be made for 2014).

    ~ I will be adding a Chicago Bears History Wiki page. This is probably my biggest undertaking. This will be something that will always need to be updated. I want to make this place where you come for information regarding the Chicago Bears.

    ~ I have added a media section. While I'm still working out the use of it 100%, I have added a couple of dozen Chicago Bears videos there.

    ~ Smilies..... We have added a BUNCH of smilies. They have to be sorted, but I think we're at 500ish. I want to add more. I think they make a post funnier and more pleasurable to read.

    Sorry this is so long, there is a LOT of things going on. I think I left out a couple of things.

    We NEED your feedback!!!
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